Saturday, April 20, 2013

O U T F I T 2 0 . 4

I have nothing special to write at the moment, but I want anyway to show you my outfit on today.

I have coat on because it was pretty windy weather outside today so I just went to H&M to take outfit photos without my coat, haha :D I also took out my new backpack which I wrote you earlier :3 Of course people just stared me as always, but that's not anything new in here, so I just don't care and I always listen music so I don't even heard if they say something to me.

Close-up photo :3

I have also though about that should I dyed my hair to blond or not. What you are mind about it? Would that hair color suit me or not? :D (Yeah filters are so nice so that's my in that close-up photo my wig looks like it's blond even it's pink, but it not look bad at all, very good actually, haha :D

I have few things still on their ways to here, so I will write about them as soon as I will get them :3

So all, be patient!

Here was everything today, see you soon my rosebuds ♥

- Black Rose -

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