Tuesday, April 16, 2013

C O N T A C T L E N S E S + R O S E R I N G S

I received today two packets~ First one included my rose rings from eBay. I decided to buy one of each of the colors what they has available and I guess that these where just only colors what they even had. But these were so cheap so I couldn't resis myself to not buy them~

And these will fit perfectly with my Vampire Requiem dress *o*

I also reveiced my red contact lenses, which I ordered just for my Vampire Requiem dress, because I will make a photoshoot with these lenses after when I have get my wig, which is still on its way to here. These lenses are EOS lenses, and I guess that I haven't have EOS lenses before so let's see how they will works ^^

I bought these lenses from loveshoppingholics.com site as I have always does. They also gave me free stuff  as you can see :3

Here was everything on today, so see you soon again my rosebuds ♥

- Black Rose -