Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Today I finally reveiced a new wig which I bought from eBay.

It has pretty long bangs even though I thought that they would be little bit shorten what they actually were. So I cut them a little bit though now I think that maybe I cut them a little bit too much :< But no can do anything anymore. What is done it's done.
And yes this is the same wig what sell, but I got this much more cheaper from eBay, so I bought it from there instead of

Sorry for covering my eyes but I looked so horrible, so it have to be don XD

I will have to come other packet today as well, but it haven't arrived yet, so I will make it entry as well as soon as I will get it :3

Here was everything on now, see you soon my rosebuds ♥
- Black Rose -

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