Thursday, November 15, 2012

D E M O N I A - S T A C K 3 0 1

Hello everyone!

It's a while when I last time wrote in here, so now it's time to write again!
I try to be more active in here.

Today I finally got my new boots what I bought a while ago. They are Demonia's Stack-301 boots in white PU. I have wanted these boots so long time. First I though that I should buy the black ones, but then because I have outfit which need white ones more than black, so that's why I decided to buy white ones. Maybe I will buy black ones sometime as well ^^ These are very easy to walk and the back heel is 17cm :D So I'm again nearly 180cm with these XD I can't wait to take these my new babies for a walk :3

Here is everything from now on, see you soon again my rosebuds~

- Black Rose -


  1. Aww I've never seen these boots in white before and I gotta tell you I like them!

    1. Thank you^^ There is actually so many colors of these boots :D You just need to google Demonia Stack-301 and it will give you so many different colors :D

  2. awwh these boots are divine futuristic <3