Monday, September 3, 2012


I got the Liebster award from writtenbeforedawn~
Here are the questions what she asked ^^

But look, you'll also get this pink badge that came with The Countess' challenge!

Writtenbeforedawn's questions to me:

1. What's behind you?

- Wall, where is on some flyers and stuff :D
2. Do you remember what was in your dream last night?

- Yes, thought I don't know I even saw it...I don't remember who I was talking in  my dream but I said her that I need to go to back Helsinki :D We were in the buss going on somewhere, I don't even know where... Then I saw at the outside from the bus's window very old scary houses and I said her that I want to go to look them...After that I don't remember anything else because I guess that my phone's alarm rang XD
3. Best book you have ever read?

- I don't know, there is so many nice ;^; But maybe HP series :D
4. Which one you would rather speak of if you had to choose: politics or religion?

- I guess it would be religion, because I don't understand anything about the politic or politics either xD

5. Have you seen the film called The House of Flying Daggers?

-Yes, I have seen it, though it has been a long long time when I saw it last time...

6. You have read Harry Potters haven't you?


7. What do you think of this song?

- It's ok, not my usually taste of the music though ^^; And some how it reminds me about the vikings, just because of the bagpipes :D
8. If you could learn to play perfectly one instrument, that would be?

- Violin ♥ *o*
9. How many steps do you need to take to get to the door of the house? How many to fridge?

17 to get to my home's door and 15 to get to frigde :D
10. Do you remember what you ate yesterday?

Yes, banana jogurt and some bread :D
11.  Do you like more to be in front or behind the camera?

- I like the both, actually, but I like take photos so I guess my answer will be behind the camera ^^


Sorry I'm little lazy to tag anyone this time, sorry ;^;

Black Rose


  1. Haha, thanks for the answers!
    And violin <3.

    1. You're welcome :D
      Yes, violin ♥ *o* It's so beautiful instrument and makes very beautiful sounds. I have always liked listen when someone is playing violin~