Monday, September 10, 2012

T R A C O N 7

So last weekened was Tracon 2012 at Tampere where I went, of course. I had nice time there with my friend and her friends who came there too. I spend those two nights this time at hotel and it was totally so much better than being in floor place.
We came to Tampere on Friday already and I went to Punanaamio with Nikolai, though I didn't bought there anything I just want to hang out before my room mates coming.
So then finally around 21:00 PM my friend and her friends came and then we all just talked something pretty nonsense things xD
Then on Saturday we doll ourselves ready and I wore my Kamijo cosplay~ It was kinda hot even the weather was awful because it rained the whole Saturday D:
Here is a photo of my cosplay. I and Kasu got into some video though I don't know will we be in someone's video or what XD It was kinda funny thing though...

I also went to pick up this Lip Service's chinese dress from Amber (she is from finnish lafi forum). I was very confused that this dress fit me that well, because I have heard that Lip Services dress are kinda smaller sized and this is S size. But I have looking for this kind of dress for a while already so it was nice to get this one and it wasn't that expensive either because it was only 40€ orginal price was something like 120€ :D

I'm sorry that I couldn't take any photos of the other cosplayers because I was too lazy to pick up my camera out of my bag and it was also little difficult like my camera was so stuck in my bag and I didn't want to carry it with me because of the rain so I kept it safe in my bag XD I'm not even sure how many people even noticed whom I cosplayed :D
On Sunday I just put basic clothes on and I haven't took a photo of me from Sunday so there is just that Kamijo cosplay only.
Here is everything about Tracon 2012, see you soon my rosebuds~
- Black Rose -