Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Yesterday after my work I went to post office to pick up my two packet, what I have got. One packet included my new curling iron named Grande which one I ordered from, because I have seen this same curling iron one person before and I saw her review video of this and it really makes impress to me how curly her hair was after that. So I wanted to give this one a change and I bought it for myself, of course in black color, but because it was only left xD But it's fine because I like black color~ I also bought some hairspray for my hair which I have to use before I start to curl my hair because this curling iron will come very very hot and that's why I got one glove with it that I could put it on my hand when I curl my hair because the temperature will be very hot and it will damage your hair if you don't use any kind of hair procetion stuff before. I haven't yet used my new curling iron, but I will try it as soon as possible to see how long my curls can be, because usually my curls are nearly gone after few hour of that then I have got them done and I don't like that at all >.< I also guess that maybe I should buy some other hairspray for myself and hope that they can kept my hair better than this one what I'm using now...

And then to the other packet. I bought my first pvc pants ever XD I bough them because I niin them for my cosplay and I'm going to wear them at Tracon 2012 so don't wonder if you hear some kind of squeak sounds because pvc fabric sound like that when you walk. So if you hear sounds like that then I guess that it is me, lol XD

I was also afraid that those pvc pants won't fit me, but it was totally pointless to worried because I fit them very well, haha ^^;
Here is everything from now on, see you again soon my rosebuds~

- Black Rose -


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  2. The PVC pants topic. That would sound like music to my ears! xD Please show them! :D

    1. They are just basic pants, but maybe I could wear them someday so you can see them ^^

    2. Yes, diffidently! :D I'm really interested in seeing you in them! ^^ Thanks, can't wait! :)