Sunday, August 5, 2012

W E D D I N G @ S U O L A H T I

On Fridayme and my mom and dad left to at Suolahti, because of my sister's weddings. We left there on Friday because there was so much things to do so we even couldn't be at right time there if we would just leave there on Saturday.
On Friday didn't happend tthat much anything special so let's go right to the Saturday.

I woke up 8:00 and went to ate breakfast before I came back to our room and started to get ready for the day. My sister helped me to curl my hair, because sometimes it's hard to do it alone. After my hair were curled I started doing my make up.

Here is the photo of my make up~
I got my make up done in right time and then it was time to go to take my sister's weddings photos and after the photshoot we went to church where I also took photos of the ceremony and after church we left to place where was food and other stuff.
I had nice time and food was delicious if I may say~
And here is the photo of my oufit on Saturday

My outfit:
JSK, necklace - Alice and the Pirates
Rose clips - H et M
Bigger rose clip - Handmade (I'm not done it)
Shoulder bag - Seppälä
Everything else is offbrand

And here is everything from now on, see you again, my rosebuds~
- Black Rose -