Monday, September 16, 2013

T R A C O N 8

Hello my readers and sorry that I have been silent for a while, but I haven't have anything what write to here, but now I will tell you about my weekend trip to Tampere on last weekend~

So I left from here to Tampere on 13.9 on Friday (yeah haha, badluck number day, though nothing happened :D) and I went to at my friends's place where I spend my whole weekend~

Of course my first reason why I went to Tampere was Tracon 8 which was held at Tamperetalo on 14.9.-15.9.

I saw few people there what I need to see and saw few amazing cosplayers there, though I was too lazy to take off my camera from my back so I didn't take any photos.

I cosplayed Asagi's (D) yakuza boss look from their Huang di ~yami ni umareta mukui~

I'm kinda sad that there wasn't that much jrock cosplayers I only saw few gazette cosplayers, but I'm not fan of the GazettE so I didn't care of them at all. I also saw only one Hizaki cosplayer, but it was nice still to see even one cosplay of one of my favorite bands ♥

Thank you everyone who were at Tracon 8~

- Black Rose -

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