Saturday, August 3, 2013

P O R I S P E R E - 1 3

Hello everyone~

Last day I was at Porispere 2013! I had fun and met few familiar people there! :D And spend my last night with two other people whom I didn't know first :D

It was nice day and I went there mostly just because there was metal bands on yesterday. Today and on tomorrow is Porispere as well, but I'm not that very exciting about their artist so I'm not going to go there.

And like always there was moshpit, though guite many of them, but I didn't film all of those on video though XD

Someone lost his/her phone there and I was kind and picked it up and gave it to a vigilante, so I hope tha someone got the phone back who's ever it even was ^^

My outfit on that day, kinda dark sorry I hadn't time to take better photo of it :<
- Black Rose -


  1. Looks amazing *O*, I hope u enjoy it a lot ^_-

  2. I miss going to summer festivals, it must have been really fun ♥ ^^

    1. I miss that too to go on summer festivals like I haven't been a while in any festivals so this was nice change for it ^^