Friday, March 15, 2013


I got today my Leekeworld's order :3

I bought two wigs one for Illusiana and one for Inferum and also acrylic colors and other stuff for making faceups for my dolls.

Also they get their eyes on (as you can see) and now I guess that I should try to make my dolls's faceups which don't have it yet, so there is three dolls waiting for their faceups now :D

Inferum with his wig and eyes, though you can't see his eyes that clearly, but he has gray eyes, I will take of them better photos later.

Illusiana with her wig and eye. Her eyes you can see better :D They fit fine with her wig's color, don't you think? :D

 I'm sorry for the bad quality. I take photos with my phone and there wasn't enough light so that's my photos are very grainy :/

Now I also need to think what kind of faceups I would do her and Nora and Masaru, like they don't have yet their faceups on ^^ And also need to go to fabric store to check some fabrics where I could do clothes for my doll's which don't have them or they need more of them.

Here was everything from now on, see you soon, my rosebuds ♥

- Black Rose -

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