Thursday, May 10, 2012

P H O T O S H O O T 9 . 5

Like I said in the last entry I will now show you photos what we took with Momo on yesterday when it was my last day in Helsinki. There was really warm weather in those three days what I spent there. Also on 9.5. was Europe Day, but because we both didn't remember why there was flags everywhere xD Though in the buss when I went back to home I heard two ladies whos disgust about the what day was yesterday because there were flags everywhere and then when we came to next to Pori's police station there were Finland's flags and one Europe union flag and then I figured out what was the day on yesterday :D

We leave from Momo around 12:00 PM and went to take photos at near of his house or in places which were near. Here is the now few photos of what I looked on that yesterday.

Me in front of Helsinki's Cathedral

I wore:

JSK - Innocet World
Necklace and bag: Alice and the Pirates
Blouse - offbrand
Stockings - Seppälä and offbrand
Parasol: Lishbeth Dahl
Rose earrings - offbrand
Rings - H&M
Hair accesories - offbrand, handmade (not by me)
Boots - Electra-2020
These last photos are from Uspenski Cathedral it was really beautiful cathedral~
And last photo were we are together with Momo. At Uspenki's Cathedral there was some French students or something which kindly take photo of us with my camera. Because I said moments earlier to Momo that we should take together photo and then those French people came there like in order :D

When we were at Helsinki's Cathedral there came woman with child and she told us that she and girl just came from the inside, where they were looking for some fairies or something and the woman said that girl was said to fairies that she want a princess dress. And when they saw us at there woman came to us and ask to take photo with Momo. Also there were two Japanese women who also wanted to take photo with us :D And I don't even know who many cameras I really saw on that day when we walked around, because cameras were everywhere XD Don't know though how many we get in.

See you again, my rosebuds ♥

-Black Rose-


  1. What a lovely location! And you both look beautiful! And what a lovely comliment from that woman ^^ ♥

    1. Thank you for your kind words~ ♥ Yeah, she was very kindly :D

  2. I like both outfits ♥ you look gorgeous!

    1. Thank you for your kind words~ ♥