Wednesday, May 9, 2012

D 8 . 5

So I visited at Helsinki on Monday to Wednesday on this week. Because I didn't have to slept that much so I decided to ask Momo if I could come at his place to spend time before I go to wait in line~ I arrived to Helsinki at 16:00 PM and went to then Momo's place to leave my stuff there and then we went to buy food. I also played Rayman XD Even though it makes me really crazy after I had to heard so many times those "red ball" creatures singing or something =_= I also played on Tuesday night Catherina game (if you don't know I like videogames :D).

On yesterday was D's concert at Gloria where I of course went~ Concert was so amazing! ♥ I really had fun time there, thank you D again! I hope you can come back soon, so we could rock again, together! ♥

Here is my outfit from yesterday

OP, necklace - Moi-même-Moitié
Bag - Alice and the Pirates
Stockings - Morticia, Seppälä
Wig - eBay
Boots - Electra-2020
Bonnet, gloves - offbrand

I will make another post about mine and Momo's photoshoot from today.

See you again my rosebuds~

-Black Rose-


  1. You look gorgeous! I really like your outfit!

  2. beautiful
    love it <3

  3. woow you look like cute goth doll,adore ur hair and shoes :3

    1. Thank you :D Though that's a wig not my own hair XD Yeah, I love my shoes as well. I'm happy to own them finally~ ♥

  4. Voi että olitkin nättinä siellä keikalla ! ; - ; Ihailin kovasti tuota asuasi ♥ (jep olen stalkkeri..XD)

    1. Voi kiitos kovasti ^-^ Kiva jos asuni oli muidenkin mielestä kiva ^^ En kyllä valitettavasti muista sinua, että missähän päin jonoa mahdoit oikein olla? :D

    2. Hahaa sieltä aika kaukaa stalkkailin :'D Olin ehkä puolivälissä Glorian ovea ja sitä ekaa nurkkaa^^

    3. Aa XD En kyllä siltikään valitettavasti muista, tosin kävelin kyllä sitä Glorian puoleista tietä ristiin rastiin melko tiuhaan, ainakin siinä yhdessä vaiheessa, erinäisten syiden vuoksi xD