Friday, March 30, 2012

1 0 F A V O R I T E M O V I E S

Today I will show you my 10 favorite movies. They mostly are from the same genre, but just because I adore genres like: fantasy and horror. When dicertors put those together, I'm in heaven.

1. Bara no Konrei ~Mayonaka ni Kawashita Yakusoku~ (MALICE MIZER)
I just love this movie so much. I like the theme of it and the scences are so amazing even though actors didn't speak out loud. It is filmed pretty well though this movie is pretty old. But in my opnion the style of this movie give this movie more depth. There is still few scence which makes me smile a little bit especially that scene when Klaha is riding "with the horse", hih. I like the story what they have create for this, even it could be very used story, but for this it works. So if you like dark styled movies and vampires I could ask you to watch this if you haven't yet.

2. Verte Aile (MALICE MIZER Gackt era)

This is also very wonderful movie and I'm happy that MALICE MIZER had done this as well. Because this movie is very MALICE MIZER like. I like the story what they have made for this as well. And that how they have filmed this movie is very like Bara no Konrei or Bara no Konrei look like this, like Gackt was first and then just Klaha.

3. Interview with the Vampire

I'm sure that everyone knows this movie. But this is still the best vampire movie ever. Story is lovely and characters as well. Of course the dresses are so amazing and the landscapes and everything.

4. Black Swan

This movie is very dramatic and touching and tell very well how human's mind can works when you play with it too long. I love ballet. It's very pretty dance style. And things like these can be true. This movie is also very sad and somewho little creepy but it is adorable movie.

5. Marie Antoinette (2006)
I'm very impressed of the dresses in this movie. They all looks so amazing. It's also everytime nice to see movies about Marie Antoinette when reading those all things about her and her doings and how everything goes backward because the population didn't like how they haven't anymore nearly money for buy food for themselves.

6. Amadeus

Tells the story about famous composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. In this movie too I adore those dresses and the everything else. Landscapes, style and so on.

7. Harry Potter (including all those 7 movies )

Because I love fantasy more than any other genres. Characters are lovely as well and the story is great.

8. Pirates of the Carribean (including all those 4 movies)

These movies are just amazing. And because I like pirates very much and of course Johnny Depp has made good job with these movies. Not for nothing isn't my favorite actor. Characters are also very lovely especially Jack Sparrow~

9. The Lord of the Rings trilogy

Wonderful movies in many ways. Characters and the landspaces everything. And of course not forgetting the story.

10. Memoirs of a Geisha

Just amazing movie in so many ways, that my words can't even tell you how much I love this movie! ♥ The story is just so amazingly beautiful~

Have to mention this director, Tim Burton♥

Tim Burton's movies

I love Tim Burton and his movies so I didn't want to put only one movie from him. So I take whole director and his movies. I love dark and mad style with he plays with his movies.

Of course I have so many other movies what I would like to but in here, but my list is so so long T^T

So here all this time, see you soon, my rosebuds~

† Black_Rose †


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