Monday, July 1, 2013

W E E K E N D + H L S P R I D E - 1 3

So I was a whole last weekend in Helsinki at maddparty's place and we watched a lot of D's making of videos ♥ And talked a lot of about D ♥

Also Helsinki Pride 2013 which was held on Saturday on 29.6. so I went there and I saw there a lot of familiar people whose blogs I read and also I saw my friends there and I walk with them :D

I had very lovely weekend I can't wait to spend more time with maddparty again ♥

Below you can see my outfit from Saturday~

Hat - Punanaamio
Parka coast, cross shirt, skirt, cross necklace - eBay
Accesscories - H&M and Seppälä
Shoes - UNIF
Bag - Esprit

- Black Rose -


  1. maddparty? o.O is that kind of band fan meeting...? soud cool!

    1. No, she's my friend Siiri, but I call her as that nick name XD

  2. I really like the outfit *u*