Tuesday, April 30, 2013

O U T F I T 3 0 . 4

Today I went to eat with my best friend and her boyfriend at chinese restaurant named Pioni. I have ate there once before, so I know that there is very delicious chinese food and I wasn't wrong this time either :3

I ate fried rice and shrimps~

It was so big that I couldn't ate it all so I asked can I take the left home and I could :3 So I will eat today evening the rest of my food if anyone else haven't eat it before me.
I dresses on lolita for a long time again~ And finally I had opportunity to use my AatP's Vampire Requiem dress ♥

Sweater, bunnybear bag - BtSSB
JSK, shoulder bag (you can't see it because it is behind me ;_;) - AatP
Socks, Necklace, Ring - Moi-même-Moitié
Roses, other ring - offbrand

Here was everything on today, see you soon my rosebuds♥
 - Black Rose -