Monday, March 18, 2013


This little challenge's purpose is to find new blogs and help people to notice them, which has under 200 readers.
1. Every challenger have to tell 11 things about itself.
2. Have to answer also the challenger's 11 questions.
Challenged need to invent 11 new questions for the challengers.
4. They have to choose 11 bloggers, which has under 200 readers.
5. You have to tell them who you have challenged to this challenge.
6. Don't challenge back.

I got this challenge from

Silhoutte of the Dying Rose's blog.
Want to check her blog you can go here
11 things about me:
1. I love different styles
2. I want to travel as much as possible
3. I love summer
4. I love chocolate
5. I have the best friend
6. I have a twin sister
7. I don't like fighting
8.I haven't never seen Northern Lights (even I live in Finland)
9. I like tattoos
10. Japanese culture is my everything
11. I haven't never tasted cicarette

11 challenger's questions:
 1. How tall your are?
- 163cm
2. How many pillows you sleep?
- Two.
3. Can you perfectly times tables?
- I'm not sure.

4. Can you sing?
- No.

5. Can you touch your nouse with your tongue?
- No.
6. Favorite haircolor?
- Too many :D
7. Are you clean or dirty people?
- Both.
8. Can definition of love?
-You can do anything for those who you love :D
 9. How big you think you IQ is?
- Normal, I'm not sure.
10. What you can not stand?
  - Two faced people, cheating, liar etc.
11. And finally tell honestly how are you?- Ok.
Sorry I'm too lazy to challenge anyone right now, sorry :<

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