Monday, February 11, 2013

B T S S B + M A K E U P B R U S H S E T

Today I got finally my makeup brushset which I bought from eBay a while ago, and today I finally received it ♥ I have searched this kind of set so long long time already, but in here those cost a lot of money ;^; I was so happy when I found this one from eBay and this was way much more cheaper, than what it would be if I would buy it from here.
So many different brushes ♥
I also got my BTSSB's cutsew which I buy from one girl from egl_comm_sales. I have tried to find so long already cutsew and such in white or black color, but only colors which I have found were pink or blue and I don't wear those colors. So I'm happy that I found this one! ♥
Here you can see the close-up photos ♥
Here was everything from now on, see you soon my rosebuds ♥
- Black Rose -


  1. Your BtSSB-cutsew is really pretty! Congrats for getting a white one ^^ It's really hard to find an other colour than pink or mint. And yay for your brushes. Please review them after you have used them <3

    1. Thank you ^^ Yeah, it is very hard to find other colors than pink or mint etc. :<

      Yeah, maybe I should make a review of them while using them ^^