Thursday, September 27, 2012


Today I went to pick up my new doll after my work. Since I would get it on yesterday already, but no one wasn't home when postman came, so I went today pick it up ^^

Lovely box~
Masaru is Doll Family-H's Borken who is 62cm tall ^^

Some stuff~ There you can see Borken's card, though I didn't ordered limited edition of him, so he haven't those clothes what he has on his card.

I don't know why, but always when I buy for big dolls boots, they can't stand with them at all D: So I guess that I need to sell those boots and buy smaller ones. Because without them he can stand very well, but I guess that his feet went wrong way in there and that's why he can't stand like no can't Noyiril as well...My poor boys ;^:

I changed his eyes to these, like these will works better with Masaru than his other eyes what he has on when he came.

You maybe noticed that he haven't any pants, but just because I will make him a skirt. And also he haven't yet his wig, like it's sold out and company need to made new ones and it takes something like 3 months D: I haveto also do his face up and I hope that I don't fail it. He also has jointed hand, because it's easier to make him pose differently like you can move his fingers :D

Here is everything from now on, see you soon my rosebuds~

- Black Rose -


  1. Congrats with your new doll, he looks great! I'm very curious about what face-up he will get!

    1. Thank you^^ We will see it someday and I hope that it will looks like what I want it to look like XD

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you^^ I like the shirt as well, that's why I bought it to him, haha :D Now I need to just do him his skirt XD Though I want it to be just one fabric and I'm not sure can I find that fabric from here ;^;

  3. Ooh, a bjd! Waiting to see more pics o him~

    1. No sitä saa odottaa jonkun aikaa, kun raukka paralla ei ole sitä sen oikeaa peruukkia vieläkään, kun sen uudelleen saaminen leekewroldiin kestää hieman D: Ja täytyy varmaan ostaa hänelle myös jotkut uudet kengät kun ei tää hölmö pysy noitten nykyisten kanssa ees pystyssä >:C