Sunday, July 8, 2012

R O C O C O O M E E T I N G @ S U O M E N L I N N A

Yesterday I had to woke up pretty already which means 5:40 AM, because I was going to go in meeting and meeting was at Helsinki and because I live so far away from Helsinki I had to need woke up early, because bus trip from here to Helsinki takes 4 hours.

But anyway I made my way to bus station right time and just sat in bus 4 hours listening to music all that time, because I didn't have anything else to do anyway in bus. I can't read in bus because I come sick very easy.

So I arrived to Helsinki at 11:00 AM yesterday morning and the meet's starting time was at 12:00 PM, so I had hour time to go the place where we should met others. I went there and waited there when people were there and the we took a ferry to Suomenlinna.

We had to walk very long way to the place where we kept our picnic. And yes my feet were after that very sore and they hurt still very much.

Weather was nice though we doubt that it maybe could start to rain even it shouldn't but thank god rain didn't come on us. I met there so many new people, only few of people I knewed from other meeting where I have been before. But it was anyway nice to mete new people.

Group photo of us
Though two people is missing because one came later and Crémelice was behind the camera, so she isn't in group photo ;^;
I look like that I have harem, because I went to sat down on the ground, because it was pretty hard to stand there and because everyone is mostly around me, haha XD

And here is my rundown of my outfit from yesterday

Skirt, Necklace, Boots, Bag(what I didn't took with me when we took these photos because it was kinda useless on that time) - Moi-même-Moitié
Everything else is mostly offbrand

Here is all from now on, see you next time my rosebuds~

- Black Rose -


  1. it looks like an amzing meeting and I absolutelly love ur coord,epic shrt,skirt and boots yaay adorable ^___^

  2. Amazing outfit! You look stunning ♥ And the others look great as well

    1. Thank you ^^ I like it as well very much~

  3. Why ur coords always so awesum? >)

    1. I don't know in my opnion they aren't that awesome, just something what I just wore when checked my closets and just put something on XD Thank you anyway~ :3