Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Today I received two package~

I went to pick up this first packet from post after my work, because I checked that it is at my post already and it was.

Tadaa! ♥ Two pair of Bodyline's spike rocking horse shoes in white and black colors~ I fell in love with these at the first sight when I saw them at tumblr and I searched right after that where I could buy these amazing shoes and Bodyline was the answer for my big question~ They are very light, because they don't have woodplatform and I think it is just good thing for me ^^

And then another package and what it included~ Could you guess what I got? ;D

Yes, Moi-même-Moitié! ♥

There is Chandelier skirt in white and full black chiffon skirt (I don't know its real name, but I guess it is something like chiffon and so on). Also I got two pair of Moitié socks Cross&Diamond Pattern Over Knee Socks and Logo Cross Rose Knee Socks. I'm very happy about Chandelier skirt like it has been in my skirt wishlist very long time or should I said that that JSK version has been there, but I don't mind this skirt version at all, it's so lovely ♥

Here is close-up photo of the Chandelier skirt's print, it's so lovely ♥

I took also close-up of the chiffon skirt's lace ♥
I love these both skirt very much, they are very light and soft *o*

All for now on, see you my rosebuds~

- Black Rose -


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you, they really are! ♥ *3*

  2. awww I really love these studed rhs from bodyline and also this chandelier print is fantastic *___*

    1. They are~ ♥ Chandelier print is very beautiful print from Moitié *o*

  3. Hey, I have one question about this rhs.... I have one from eBay, even that I really want to have this one from Bodyline... But I've heard it's really narrow and I'm afraid it'll be to small for me... How it is with it? Is it really that narrow?

    1. What you mean with narrow? That part which you put aeound your ankle? o.o If that there is few holes that those can fit for those as well who has bigger ankles.

    2. no, no, I mean this part over fingerls and foot because I've heard it's really small in this shoes >>"

    3. Hmm...maybe then if you think that they are too small, maybe you could try one size bigger ones? o.o