Saturday, July 14, 2012

@ L O N G G O N G

So today I went with my friend Emma and her boyfriend and brother to ate at Longgong chinese restaurant. We all love that place and it's in our opnion the best chinese restaurant at Pori. I guess I ate too much food because my stomach hurt after it very pretty long time, but now thank god my stomach not hurt anymore.
We took a buffet so we ate there everything what there just was.

First I took some salad, sushi and watermelon~ Thought I'm not use are these really sushis, but anyway :D

After it was time to taste soup. Though this soup isn't chicken soup what I ate at there last time :( I'm not really sure what this was, maybe tofu soup or something :D

And then came my last meat~

After that we also went to check Jazzstreet at Eteläranta, but it wasn't that good and special at all, very same as last year. So after walking through the Jazzstreet we went back to city and went to check few shops with Emma and when I cried at her that I have tried to find some black and white rose clips from H&M, but there was only violet ones. Then when I took few other rose clips what I found from there and we waited in the line and Emma said to me that look at that and there was those black and white rose clips what I have wanted to buy, so of course I bought few of them as well *o*

My outfit

Skirt, socks - Moi-même-Moitié
Blouse - Anna House
Necklace and bag (which you can't see in picture though) - ALICE and the PIRATES
Boots - Pleaser
Asseccories - offbrand

Everyhting is said for now on, see you next time my rose buds~

- Black Rose -


  1. Lovely outfit! Black and white combination are always good ^^

    1. Thank you^^ I will going to do full white outfit in the future when I can get more white items for myself XD

  2. fantastic outfit!!!I love black and white ^^