Monday, May 21, 2012


So today I finally got my strip leggings which I bought from eBay~
I usually don't use leggings, but I like these because they aren't like leggings are usually. These looks normaly from the back but on the front they aren't :D Of course I will put shorts on when I'm going to but these on if I don't have any long hoodie, skirt or anything else which will cover my butt. I still don't understand how someone could walk with legginsg like they are pants. (And now maybe I hurt someone's feelings, which isn't my purpose and I want to a apologize).

Here is a close-up photos of the leggings to show to you that there is thin fabric behind stretch fabric.
It's start to get warmer in here, which I'm pretty happy because I was so annoyed because of the cold weather already.
Here is now from all now, see you again, my rosebuds~
- Black Rose -