Tuesday, April 24, 2012


So today I got one packet from Shoppingholics, where I bought eyedrops for my contact lenses. I have seen this Lycée contact eyedrop packet at in the few blogs and they all have said that this was good, so I ordered one for myself. I haven't yet couldn't try it, because I got it just today and I haven't have on my contact lenses for a while, but when I next time are going to put on my lenses I will try this when my lenses starts to dry~

Also I got as a free gift from them OS´mej's Golden Collagen Eye Mask, these ones are going to remove your dark circles and dullness. I will try this too on someday ^^

Also my blog has went over of the 15 readers, so thank you very much for following my blog in here ^^

See you again my rosebuds~

-Black Rose-

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